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Is It Safe to Use a Pilates Reformer for Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease affecting close to 200 million people worldwide. If you are reading this, you probably have some symptoms of osteoporosis and wonder if a Pilates reformer for osteoporosis can really make a difference. The whole focus of this exercise machine is to promote bone strengthening and reduce the discomfort caused by the condition. The exercises have proven to work wonders for patients, and including them in your daily regimen can bring you flexibility and an improved range of motion. Osteoporosis makes you susceptible to fractures, but with Pilates Reformers, you’ll lower the risks and improve your ability to move more freely. 

The Objective is to Strengthen the Bones and Muscles

Pilates is often known as weight-bearing exercises as they involve a carefully designed workout program that exerts stress on your muscles and bones. The program is not necessarily about lifting weights but performing exercises similar to weight-bearing. Patients are advised to undertake only the appropriate amount of stress and resistance they can comfortably handle. As their bones and muscles become stronger and their stamina levels improve, the stress can be gradually increased. 

In case you’re concerned, know that using a Pilates Reformer for osteoporosis is entirely safe, even though it involves weight-bearing exercise routines. The training strengthens your body and makes it easier to live with osteoporosis. The program’s initial steps include treadmill exercises that start with an easy walking speed, followed by training on the Pilates Reformer bench. The speed and number of repetitions can be adjusted over time to suit the patient’s comfort levels. 

Are Pilates Reformers Ideal for Seniors with Osteoporosis?

Pilates Reformers are a promising option for senior citizens. That’s because the device enables them to do a series of highly targeted moves that will not endanger their brittle bones. Instead, the exercise routine includes push-ups, leg kicks, chest expansion, and leg pulls and circles. Making these moves strengthens the muscles supporting the joints of the shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, and pelvic region. 

Using the Pilates Reformer for osteoporosis consistently helps improve your posture, bone density, and range of motion. Improved balance and resistance to gravity lower the risk of falls and, consequently, debilitating fractures. Possibly the best advantage is that these exercises are low impact and unlikely to cause further damage. Studies indicate that the adoption of PR can enhance the overall quality of life for people with osteoporosis. Stronger bones and muscles can also reduce other health-related issues. Exercising regularly not only helps maintain existing bone mass, but also build new osteo cells. In case of injuries, you can expect to recover faster and get back on your feet.  

Pilates Reformer Therapy is Customized for Each Person

Before recommending the Pilates Reformer for osteoporosis, the doctor will conduct a detailed physical examination. They’ll check your medical records and test results to determine if you’re a good candidate for the program. Next, a customized exercise routine is designed to ensure that you get the full benefits from the treatment. Starting the Pilates Reformers exercise regimen early on will help you avoid the ill effects of osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal issues later in life. In fact, patients who are bedridden and cannot move without assistance can also sign up for this therapy and improve their bone density. 

How the Pilates Reformer for Osteoporosis Works

The Pilates Reformers machine comprises bars and cables. It simulates movements similar to rowing a boat–low-impact with the appropriate resistance essential for building muscle and bone strength. The exercises maintain the spine in a neutral position all through the motions. At the same time, the specific moves are designed to target the particular joints and muscles that need strengthening. The best benefit from this form of physical therapy is that the body is better equipped to resist the effects of gravity and stay upright, with improved flexibility. 

Persons with Osteoporosis Can Benefit from a Better Quality of Life

The most significant issue with osteoporosis is the pain and discomfort. Pilates Reformers has a series of gentle movements that harmonizes the body and mind to promote mental relaxation. You can expect gradual relief from the sensations of pain as you continue to do the exercises. Patients note better overall health and wellness since the Pilates Reformer for osteoporosis encourages deep breathing, mindfulness, and concentration, similar to meditation. 

Physical activity is vital for people of all ages and having osteoporosis often results in adopting a sedentary lifestyle to avoid the risk of fractures and injuries. Since the pilates reformer routine is safe, patients can adopt a more active lifestyle, promote blood circulation, and control other issues like diabetes and hypertension. 

Always Exercise Under the Supervision of a Trained Expert

Although using the Pilates Reformer for osteoporosis is safe, it is always advisable to exercise under the supervision of a trained professional. That’s because patients unknowingly make certain motions that can do more harm than good. Any move where you bend forward, twist the spine, or roll the neck should be carefully avoided. Remember to keep your spine erect at all times and avoid moves like jackknifing, rolling up, and rolling over. 

Choose a High-Grade Pilates Reformer Device

Using suitable devices is also essential. A good example is the AeroPilates by Stamina 266 Pilates Reformer available on Amazon. This machine is collapsible and has wheels, making it portable and easy to store. Further, the headrest and foot and hand straps are adjustable and have adequate padding so that family members of different heights can use the device. The three elastic resistance cords allow you to start off with low resistance and move on to the higher resistance as your strength and stamina improve. You need not worry about falls since the bench is just 10 inches off the ground. 

Osteoporosis or brittle bones can take away from your quality of life. The pain and inability to move, sleep, and rest trigger a host of additional health issues, not to mention depression and anxiety. Get back your life and regain good health by using the Pilates Reformer for osteoporosis. 

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