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What Are the Benefits of Pilates Reformer?

Joseph Pilates invented pilates reformers to assist in the low-impact exercise of the same name. Since then, countless people have bought reformers for their daily workout routine. So what are the benefits of pilates reformer?

Reformers assist you in the pilates workout and make the task easier. A solid pilates reformer machine workout routine will lead to a stronger core, emotional wellbeing, and better posture. And all of that is in addition to more stamina. 

So, here are the top 9 benefits of pilates reformer.

9 Key Benefits of Pilates Reformer

Full-body Workout

The best part about using a pilates machine is its diversity. By carefully targeting specific muscle groups in your exercise routine, you will accomplish a full-body workout. Pilates reformers work to strengthen the larger muscle groups. 

And the springs have got the smaller muscle groups covered too. The full-body workout also helps balance out weak and strong muscles to give a more symmetric body shape. 

Stronger Core

Although reformers for pilates can be used for multiple exercises, most of them focus on the core. This helps develop a stronger core. The core is the muscle group that surrounds the center of your body. 

A stronger core is key to combatting back and hip pain and becoming stronger in general. When strengthened, the core will stabilize the body and provide excellent stamina and ability. 

Low Impact and High-Intensity Exercise

Pilates is the best choice for anyone suffering from physical injuries and cannot do a high-impact workout. The exercise does not overburden any part of your body. 

The ropes and springs present on the reformer help you consistently working out on a flat surface. This reduces the amount of weight your body has to bear and helps release load throughout the core. Low impact exercises are also great for strengthening the injured area and allowing for small repetitive actions. 

Better Posture, Better Health

One of the biggest benefits of pilates reformer is better posture. By focusing on your core muscles and balancing out muscle strengths, Pilates reformers help with your posture. Additionally, since you have a stronger core, pain related to muscle weakness will also gradually disappear. 

Pilates reformers focus on correctly aligning the full body and fixing your joints’ ideal range of motion. When you work out even the smaller muscle groups, you’re balancing out the muscles and perfecting your posture. 

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

One of the leading causes of back pain is poor posture. However, the right pilates machine suited to your needs helps you fight other causes, such as weak muscle groups and stress and tension. When on the reformer, your muscles relax. This helps with pain in your spine. 

Besides that, misalignment issues can lead to your spine aching. Pilates also targets the abdominal muscles near the pelvic floor. This, in turn, leads to a stable body where your weight is not overbearing. 

Multiple Emotional Benefits

Many people will tell you the physical benefits of pilates reformer. But there are countless psychological benefits of the exercise as well. By helping you focus on your breathing, pilates reformer helps reduce stress and anxiety in your life. 

It also generates a strong sense of bodily awareness, which leads to better control over your emotional state. Additionally, it lowers cortisol levels, removing you from the “fight or flight” state anxiety can induce.

It’s Good for Preventing Injuries

Weak muscle groups often cause injuries. This is often the case with the smaller muscles that hardly get worked out. 

Pilates reformers focus on providing you with better stability and strength in all your muscle groups. And yes, that includes the smaller ones. Additionally, since it’s a dynamic exercise, the reformer will help to strengthen your joints while moving. This reduces the risk of joint injuries, common during sports. 

More Stamina

An unseen benefit of pilates reformers is the increased stamina. Pilates doesn’t just focus on your body. It also focuses on your breathing. And as such, it enhances your cardiorespiratory capacity. In simpler terms, you can get faster blood circulation and better oxygen flow. 

This is crucial for improving stamina. Additionally, when your muscles are strengthened, especially around the cores, you feel a lot stronger. 

Leads to Better Immunity

Some research suggests that Pilates reformers help with immunity as well. Although the research hasn’t been done in older adults, it’s still safe to assume that it boosts your immunity. And the main reason is better circulation of both blood and lymph fluid. This means lesser chances of getting infected and healthier life ahead. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits of pilates reformerThey’re good for improving circulation, balance, muscle strength, posture, and stamina. Beyond all these, reformers also work to strengthen your core and tone your muscles. In a nutshell, it’s an all-in-one full-body workout. 

But that’s not all. Pilates reformers also boost immunity and offer a lot of emotional leverage. They help reduce anxiety and stress by building a stronger mind and focusing on your breathing. 

Buying a Pilates reformer for your home gym may be the best decision you make this year. Just be sure to build a strong workout routine and stick to it!

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