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Best Pilates Reformer Machines for 2022

Getting active and healthy from the comfort of your home is the ultimate convenience. If pilates is your passion, you need to step up your home gym setup. A pilates reformer machine can help you achieve your pilates goals and strengthen your weaknesses. Reformers stretch your tightened muscles and assist you with relaxed support.

Finding the best pilates reformer machine from the overwhelming amount of options can be a daunting task. To make it easier for you, we have reviewed what we believe to be the 5 best pilates reformer machines currently on the market.

Best pilates reformer machine Reviews

1.     Merrithew At Home SPX Reformer Bundle

This Merrithew pilates reformer machine lets every age group enjoy pilates from the comfort of their homes. Quality has been given the topmost priority. And, the sleek design with promising durability is what makes this reformer one of the best pilates machines.

The most developed spring package designs help cope with multiple users. The upgraded springs are of the finest quality, allowing the reformer to give steady and smooth spring expansion. 

The reformer carriage can be adjusted to 6 different stopping positions. This feature allows different height individuals to do pilates with the same intensity. Similarly, adjustable headrest and foot bar positions make your workouts tremendous and effective.

You can progress with your routine at your convenience. The reformer springs enable variations in resistance for your exercise. Advance at your own pace with this studio-grade reformer. Aiming for a very effective and comfortable workout? Merrithew at home SPX reformer it is. 


  • Extended 90 Day Return Window
  • 90% is already assembled
  • Wheels enable easy movement
  • Reformer box, metal roll-up pole, and 2 workout DVDs included


  • Heavy

2.     AeroPilates Home Studio Reformer 393

The AeroPilates home studio pilates reformer machine is your all-in-one pilates home workout system. We may need not say more. 

But when we are talking about the best pilates machines, this is your pick when you don’t want to compromise on comfort. Padded with high-density foam supports continuous relief even upon high endurance exercises.

For different levels of intensified workouts, it includes four elastic bungee resistance cords. You can easily customize your resistance levels by setting different combinations. 

It even includes a patented cardio rebounder for the bouncy routines with fun. So, whether it’s hardcore fat burning or just pure Pilates, this is your best option. Without any extra equipment, you can work on those significant muscles and expect results too.


  • No additional equipment needed
  • Rebounder included
  • Foldable


  • No wheels for accessibility

3.     AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 608

This Reformer provides an efficient way to tone and strengthen muscles. You may do routines to burn fat and improve heart health as well. Enhance your flexibility and perform focused Pilates with 8 different resistance settings. The 4 springs provided let you exercise accordingly. 

The rebounder lets you extend your cardio to more intense pelvic drills. And, you can go on for longer durations without stressing your joints.
You can always switch back to the foot bar to continue with traditional Pilates. 

Overall, the built of this reformer is sturdy, so you are looking at a very lasting piece of machinery. The padded carriage lets you work out comfortably for long hours. This is a better substitute for your mat pilates.


  • Free online access to AeroPilates Workout videos
  • Built-in wheels
  • Adjustable pulley risers


  • Cannot fold

4.     Stamina Products AeroPilates Reformer 651

The AeroPilates 651 pilates reformer machine is the most multitasking reformer you can ask for. Focused toning of muscles, cardio, Pilates, or total body workout – all in one.

The 4 heavy-duty cords let you advance to more resistant routines gradually. So, you can easily begin and start at the beginner level and move on to being a regular without any professional trainer’s help. 

The best part of this reformer is that it elevates up to 10″ off the ground. The large stand, included with the reformer, lowers any issues for individuals suffering from knee problems.

Another unique option is the adjustable headrest. Your positioning on the reformer is made more comfortable with this feature. And the quality foamed shoulders pads are an added advantage. 


  • Rebounder included
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Furry hand and foot straps


  • The stand is not foldable

5.     AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy pilates performer and don’t mind one primarily stationary, then this may be your choice. If you are committed to pilates, this reformer is ready to stick around. 

Take a look at one of the best pilates machines. It’s heavy, which means it is steady and robust. The solid oak trim with an elevated steel frame makes it sturdier and more long-lasting. 

It comes with an adjustable three-position foot bar and a headrest, and upholstered shoulder pads. 

This machine is ideal for tall individuals as well. The 67 inches long aluminum rails provide 2 extra inches compared to any standard reformer. The reformer is also elevated 15 inches from the ground. An ideal and pro reformer for you to own.


  • Cardio rebounder included
  • Many adjustable features
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Slightly heavy

How To Choose The Best Pilates Reformer Machine


The spring tension on a reformer machine lets you decide the resistance level of your exercise. Reformers usually have 4 to 5 springs which may be labeled according to their different tension. Those that are not labeled are the ones with the same weight. 

These springs are like your extra muscles. They assist you in your exercise and help you gain more flexibility, and improve your balance.

If you are a beginner, you need a more controlled approach. When starting on a pilates machine, you might want to work with all the resistance to remain balanced on the carriage. Having fewer springs attached to the gear means that you are more in control. So, the more you progress with your routines, the lighter you can go on the springs. 


The padded carriage acts as your ground for all the exercises. Hence the rule of the thumb is – the wider, the better. 

It is also the base of your workout, so how durable and padded it makes a great difference in your routines. The vinyl covering offers easy cleaning options after a workout.

Foot Bar

The foot bar is one of the essential features of a reformer. It usually has a top or whole foam covering for better grip. The foam also creates fewer compressions for the feet and the hands. 

The foot bar can be adjusted to different positions depending on your type of exercise. It can be adjusted to different angles or can be moved or obliterated out of the way. 

Wrap Up

A Pilates reformer machine is an entirely different experience compared to a floor workout. It minimizes imbalance with its adjustable features. Int prevent you from having to battle with gravity, and instead lets you focus on your exercise routine. Pilates reformers let you achieve your dream body goals with comfort and manageable intensity.