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Best Pilates Accessories for 2022

The pilates accessories that you use depend on what your needs are. There are some accessories that will be great for one person but not the other, which might make it hard to choose sometimes. But you can always go and take a look at what’s available and try them out if you need to.

If you’re stuck on what accessories to buy, here are 5 of the¬†best Pilates accessories¬†to try in 2022.

Top 5 Pilates Accessories For 2022

1.     STOTT PILATES Jumpboard and Crossbow

Ready to change up your workout routine? This jump board plus crossbow combo from STOTT PILATES may interest you. As the name suggests, it’s both a jump board and a crossbow. This pilates equipment for home adds versatility to your workout regime and saves space in your home gym.

The frame behind the board is from tubular steel, meaning it can survive moisture and sweat. Apart from that, the crossbow has padded foam handles, which only adds to the comfort of the bow. 

The board can be removed entirely and used without a reformer. And the square mounting post allows you to adjust the height of the board. However, you may struggle with installation.


  • Durable, sweat-resistant frame. 
  • Doubles as a crossbow. 
  • Comfortable grip. 
  • Can be used on its own. 


  • Assistance with installation may be required

2.     MERRITHEW Reformer Box with Footstrap, Regular

The MERRITHEW Reformer Box is an accessory that is ideal for your pilates reformer machine. Available in 3 sizes, the reformer box is the perfect choice for any size reformer. 

A reformer box like this one provides elevation, which in turn enables a wider range of motion. Additionally, it’s one of the best Pilates accessories for doing exercises while seated. 

The MERRITHEW Reformer box comes with a foot strap, ideal for securing the feet. In addition to that, the box is densely padded using EVA foam. 

And the upholstery is vinyl, which can withstand years of abuse. However, it cannot be used as a platform for step exercises. 


  • Provides a wider range of motion. 
  • Available in 3 sizes. 
  • Highly comfortable. 
  • Do not tear with sweat and use. 
  • Comes with a foot strap. 


  • Not for step exercises. 

3.     MERRITHEW Eco-Friendly Pilates Pad

For people who want an eco-friendly, comfortable Pilates solution, try this pad from MERRITHEW. It can be used both as a standalone exercise pad and in conjunction with a reformer. 

The pad’s primary function is to provide comfort and prevent your hands and feet from touching the floor. However, it also releases tension on your extremities and hip. This pilates accessory are great for people who find new positions challenging. 

Additionally, the pad helps you get an idea of how you should align your body. And the best part is that it’s from eco-friendly rubber.

The only problem you might face is that you can’t comfortably place both your knees on it.


  • Provides a high level of comfort. 
  • Relieves tension in your body. 
  • Offers better alignment.
  • Made of eco-friendly rubber. 


  • Could be wider. 

4.     Merrithew Cardio-Tramp Rebounder

Now for something a bit more advanced, the MERRITHEW Cardio-Tramp Rebounder is a must-buy for experienced users. It provides a soft-landing surface that aids you in your plyometric activity. By providing a soft rebound, the Cardio-Tramp allows for extended exercise and lower impact. 

This is important since lots of people, especially with joint pain, complain about high-impact exercises. But how does it perform in the long run? The Cardio-Tramp is of nylon and steel, which means it’s moisture-resistant.

The straps can be removed and replaced easily. You’ll may find yourself doing so on the first use, though, since the straps are quite tight. You’ll need to loosen them up to get a decent rebound.


  • Allows for extended activity. 
  • Suitable for the joints. 
  • Strong and moisture-resistant. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Straps can be replaced easily. 


  • Straps need to be loosened.

5.     Stamina Head and Neck Support Pillow (Black)

Need something to support your neck? Try this head and neck support pillow from Stamina. This is an imported pillow that has some dense padding to ensure you’re constantly feeling comfortable. The cover is from vinyl, which means sweat and humidity won’t get the better of it. 

Aside from providing comfort, the pillow also helps align your posture, crucial for effectively Pilates. It’s also one of the best Pilates accessories for exercises that must be done lying on the back. 

Furthermore, the Stamina head and neck support pillow are easy to clean and store. And if that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t require any assembly. 

But one downside is that the padding is quite hard and unsuitable for people who already have back and neck pain. 


  • Moisture-resistant vinyl cover. 
  • Maintains postural alignment. 
  • Easy to clean and store. 
  • No assembly is required. 


  • Hard padding. 

How To Choose Pilates Accessories

Decide Which Accessory You Want

The market is thriving with different types of Pilates accessories. Choose which accessories you want and then move forward. Accessories available for use include Pilates benches, head and spine supports, and trampolines. Others include jump boards, reformer boxes, straps, and cables. There are also crossbows, standing platform extenders, and platform pads. 

Comfort and Ease of Use

Next, take a look at how comfortable the accessories are to use. Accessories with foam padding should be soft enough not to strain your body but hard enough to support you.

Straps and ropes should be flexible and offer a wide range of use. For jump boards and platform extenders, also consider ease of installation.


Durability is key to a long-lasting product. The pilates accessories are an investment, so choose wisely. Look for durable steel frames, bars, and vinyl covers to protect the equipment from moisture. 


Finding the best Pilates accessories isn’t easy. Even just deciding on a type of equipment takes hours of research. But sure enough, when you know where to start, you can kick off your Pilates routine immediately.