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Best Pilates Chair for 2022

Want a core workout? Need to strengthen your back and stomach muscles? Pump up the Pilates chair’s resistance by pressing on the foot pedals, sit back, and watch as you burn away calories. It’s perfect for when you want to do something at home but can’t drag yourself into another work out class.

Pilates chairs have been somewhat of a niche product up until recently. Considering this, knowing which pilates chair out there is best for your needs is a tough decision. To help you out, we have compiled the best pilates chairs reviews so you can make an informed decision.

Best Pilates Chairs Reviews

1.   Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair Max

Pilates chairs provide the same quality workout satisfaction as any other gym machine would. Aiming for muscle build-up, fat burning, cardiac exercises, improving balance, or working on flexibility is possible with this Pilates Pro chair. 

This chair is suitable for beginner workout routines. You can adjust it as per your convenience and requirement. The adjustable springs help you change the level of resistance. 

The sculpting handles unlock more possibilities. Different light and strenuous exercises can be carried out depending on your preference. This chair also comes with step-by-step exercises and workout DVDs.


  • Straight forward assembly
  • Portable – Can be folded when not in use
  • Workouts are easy to get started
  • All In One – Many training possibilities


  • Spring tensions are a bit hard to adjust

2.   Merrithew Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles

Limited space for working out at home? Don’t want to join a pilates club? Overcome this obstacle and treat yourself to the Merrithew split pedal stability chair. 

It is compact and multi-purpose. The split-pedal stability chair supports detailed and multiple pilates programming options. You can work on rebalancing your muscles along with a complete lower and upper body workout. It can simply give you a whole pilates workout in a small space. 

Quality is the highest priority. With that, the chair allows you to perform numerous exercises with ease. It is built on a double steel frame. Ensuring stability and durability. The pedals have high-density foam with a vinyl covering to sustain regular use.

Detachable handles let you have variations in your exercises. Several adjustments of spring levels make every type of workout possible. Beginners or regulars can conveniently use it.


  • Compact
  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy roll wheels for the liberty of moving and storing
  • Easy to assemble


  • Slightly expensive

3.   Wunder Pilates Pro Split-Pedal Stability Combo Chair

This oakwood pilates chair is a fine piece of machinery. A great addition to your workout routine. The wooden body guarantees sturdiness over time. And being oakwood, the chances of decay are very narrow. The strong framework affirms lifelong strength and durability. This compact yet handy Pro split pedal stability combo chair lets you easily work out at home. 

The wear-resistant and slip-proof handles can be easily attached and removed. The anti-slip handles allow a safe and better grip. The pedals can function together or as split. Both options are possible. 

Different gear hooks can be tailored according to your workout requirement. The simple pull pin enables fast movement positioning. And, the resistance or the endurance level can also be adjusted. The spring set lets you conveniently modify the resistance level.


  • Oakwood ensures high bearing capacity
  • Split pedal function
  • Removable handles can easily adjust
  • Light-weight


  • The base is not anti-slip

4.   Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair

The split-step pedal enables you to try many different leg workouts. Go for the ones that strain you less. Similarly, tone your biceps in a pro way with this multitasking chair. No matter which exercises you try, you will always end up working out overall. Your whole body will be benefitting from every single routine you do. 

It comes with a set of 4 DVDs, including one with Susan Lucci’s workout favorites. The chair is entirely foldable. It can slide under or into any convenient place for storage. The adjustable springs make it a top choice for any level and any resistance workout. A sturdy chair for multiple workout routines. 


  • Light-weight
  • Foldable
  • Compact
  • Cost-effective


  • Not built for individuals over 300lbs

How To Choose The Best Pilates Chair

Resistance options

The range of resistance offered by a pilates chair matters. It should be enough to take you from beginner to advanced levels. This may be possible with regular workouts and following a routine. 

Over a while, you should be able to switch between the resistance levels easily conveniently. Of course, keep in mind that adjusting the resistance between your exercises should be easy and quick.


The collapsible feature of a pilates chair is very convenient. Being able to fold it away and store it makes it a remarkable piece of equipment to keep at home. Being able to stow it away under the bed, in a closet, or behind a door makes it all the more convenient.


When we talk about pilates and exercising, comfort has a different meaning. It is more like how comfortably you can use the chair for your workout. 

A couple of things that can be considered are:

  • The chair size –should be wide enough to let you balance when lying flat on it.
  • The height between the seat and the pedals- the pedals should be easy to reach. You must be able to stretch them out at full length very comfortably. 


Though pilates chairs come in compact sizes and weigh less, their durability matters. Moving them around, folding and unfolding them, and above all, using them in different ways. 

All these features will work only if the framework is sturdy and robust. So, whichever Pilates chair you choose, make sure their built is solid and lasting.

In Conclusion

Having a pilates chairs and doing the right exercises, you can strengthen your knees and arms. The pilates chair is perfect for your home gym setup, and allows you to easily set your your own resistance level and exercise routine based on your unique needs.