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Pilates reformer machines are a big investment, that's why it's important to carefully research all the options available. We have reviewed the best pilates reformer machines for your home

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Pilates Chairs

Pilates chairs are an important part of a pilates home gym. Our detailed reviews ensure that you purchase the right one for your needs and fitness goals

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There are so many pilates accessories for home gyms available, it can be difficult to find the diamonds in the rough. We have searched for the best pilates accessories to help you make a decision

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We provide expert knowledge about pilates reformers, pilates reformers and pilates accessories including ratings and data about how they measures up in various categories of performance. We explain what sets a product apart from its competitors, and suggest other comparable products based on price or use.  We also look at how the pilates home gym equipment  have been designed, and what type of person they are targeted to – so you can make your decision based on what is right for you and your fitness goals.  

What Pilates Equipment for Home Do I Need?

You can create your own pilates studio right in the comfort of your home, with equipment that suits your needs. Your home pilates gym will focus on your needs and be economical, especially in the long run. You will be able to benefit from customized pilates equipment for home that works for your specific needs and fitness goals. But what pilates home gym equipment should you go for? 

Here are 7 must-have pilates equipment for home use.

Top 7 Pilates Equipment for Home

Pilates reformers have a bed-like frame and a flat platform. It rolls back and forth as there are wheels and has springs for assistance along with resistance. The pilates reformer machine is the most important piece of pilates equipment for home use.

This machine allows you to achieve adequate muscle strength and length in a very organized fashion. This machine ensures diaphragmatic breathing to ensure better body posture with the help of coordinated movements focusing on postural control. 

If you are looking to gain core stability and better postural alignment, you need to have this machine in your pilates studio at home. But keep in mind that it will take up some space, so plan that accordingly.

Another critical piece of pilates equipment is a pilates chair. A pilates chair is a box that has one side that you can press downright against the spring resistance. 

It’s essentially like a large pedal. But some versions will have their pedal portions divided into two sections that you can work independently. 

Typically, you will find these chairs made of wood with a padded top and a pedal. 

If you have worked with it before, you will take some time to get comfortable with it. The chair itself is pretty easy to assemble. Again, it will strengthen your core and improve your overall balance and coordination.

3. Pilates Mat

While you may be able to get away with using a yoga mat as a pilates mat, there is a difference between these two mats. 

Yoga mats are thinner, while pilates mats are at least half an inch thicker and come with the compact foam in them, ensuring more support to the sensitive parts of your body. Your spine will have better support and will remain firm on the wooden floor underneath. 

So, you have to go for a specialist pilates mat that is between 8mm to 15mm in thickness. However, you can go for a mat that you can use for both pilates and yoga. And in that case, the ideal thickness should be 6mm.

4. Pilates Ball

Pilates balls go by several different names. They are called balance balls, body balls, birth balls, gym balls, fitness balls, physio balls, yoga balls, therapy balls, etc. These balls are very versatile, and you can use them for various purposes. 

But if you are going for such a ball specifically for pilates, consider your height. The ideal ball diameter for you is 45 centimeters if your height is under 5 feet. 

55 centimeters is the ideal diameter for people with height ranging between 5 feet 1 inch and 5 feet 8 inches. If your height is more than that, you should go for the 65cm pilates ball. The 75cm ball is best suited for people over 6 feet 2 inches.

5. Pilates Ring

You might have seen people using different kinds of other items like belts, scarves, towels, dog leashes, or yoga straps. But it’s better to use pilates rings for the best results. These rings are great for all ages and exercise levels.

These rings develop endurance, strength, and stability. Your heart will become stronger because you will develop stamina as you add more resistance to your Pilates workout. This will ultimately result in your heart working more and getting strong.

The standard size that you can go for is a 14-inch ring. If you are more pretty, then you can go for a 12-inch ring. A taller or broader person can choose a 15-inch ring to get a better result.

6. Pilates Bands

The good thing about pilates bands is that you might already own them if you have a traditional or pilates home gym. We are talking about those resistance bands for conventional workouts to add more resistance. 

The purpose of these pilates bands is the same: to add more resistance to your workouts and make your body and heart work harder. The ultimate result here will be increased muscle strength and endurance. 

You can increase the resistance if you have light weights by using these bands without buying more weights. In addition, they are much easier to pack if you are planning to travel.

7. Pilates Socks

These are similar to those yoga socks, and you need to make sure that they come with anti-slip grips that extend from toes to heels. There are different styles available, and some of them come with a cooling mesh and fashionable glitter accents. 

But the main features to focus on with pilates socks are performance and durability. The purpose here is to get a good ground grip when you are trying out different positions. By weathering these socks, you are reducing any chances of slipping and injuring yourself.

Now you're ready to get started!

To get the best performance, a pilates workout needs special pilates equipment for home gym. You will find yourself in more control while trying out different workouts when you have the proper equipment to utilize. 

Pilates can be highly effective in building core strength and balance. And for that, you need to have the best pilates home gym equipment to get the best results without leaving your home.

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